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Artist: Radouan Mriziga
Morocco / Belgium
Dance / Performance
Year of creation: 2014

'55' is the first creation by choreographer and dancer Radouan Mriziga, and the first part of a trilogy of works produced by Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre, in which he examines the relationship between dance and architecture and portrayes man as a balancing act between mind, body and spirit. The second piece of the trilogy '3600' was created in 2016. The third piece '7' premiered at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in 2017.

His first creation, '55', is a perfect demonstration of the way in which he has turned the hybrid influences of his dance into a personal language, somewhere between sobriety and sensuality, concept and physicality, structure and sentiment. In '55' , a new version which will be specifically created for the Bâtiment Dynastie in Brussels, Mriziga is responsible for everything: dance, sound and lighting. '55' , like the 55 minutes of an “architectural” show constructed on the number five and the measurements of a dancer’s body. Fascinated by an artisan’s gestures in which movement is organised to serve production, Mriziga uses his body like a tool to produce a pattern on the floor. The forms appear almost inevitably from the relationship between his anatomy and the given space. But here, the rationalist less is more is not incompatible with the aesthetic and emotional delight derived from the ornamental… Superb!

Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2015


Concept and performance
Radouan Mriziga

Alina Bilokon

Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre (BE)

Distribution and Tour Management
Something Great (DE)

C-mine (BE)
WP Zimmer (BE)

In collaboration with
Cultuurcentrum Berchem (BE)
Pianofabriek (BE)
O Espaço do Tempo (PT)
STUK (Leuven - BE)

Moussem team
Alina Bilokon
Youness Khoukhou
Bart Meuleman
Steven De Belder