© Nicole Marianne Wytyczak

A Divine Comedy

by Florentina Holzinger

In A Divine Comedy, the ever-notorious choreographer Florentina Holzinger catapults the world-famous work of the same name by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri right into the present. In her own version, she condenses the three parts of the original – hell, purgatory and paradise – to create heaven and hell in the here and now and set them in motion.

Blurring the distinctions so profoundly rooted in our culture, she brings to the stage an all-female cast of performers of all ages with mixed backgrounds in various physical, musical and dancing disciplines to explore the human dimensions of life and death. In a spectacular performance, Holzinger devises her Divine Comedy, journeying through European dance history with an ensemble spanning seven decades, searching for connections between generations and the roots of the images and fantasies of death in our culture. Holzinger does not shy away from placing death itself on the dissecting table, creating an experimental field of extremes. She practises dances of death as exercises in dying that refer to death, but that means life. How can you represent what cannot be imagined?

The performers‘ bodies are the site of metaphysical and anatomical explorations to find a way. In the process, dance traditions, music and literary history transform into the choreographer’s own creative material. High culture is used as a treasure trove and a rich source of entertainment, including stunts, motocross and hypnosis. Holzinger populates her own afterlife with the faults and fears of our time and asks no lesser question than whether spirituality is possible in the 21st century.


Concept and direction
Florentina Holzinger

Performance and choreography
Foxxy Angel
Amanda Bailey
Linda Blomqvist
Renée Copraij
Beatrice Cordua
Paige A. Flash
Alba Gentili-Tedeschi
Noam Gorbat
Ria Higler
Florentina Holzinger
Susanne Jablonski
Steffi Laier
Annina Machaz
Courtney May Robertson
Audrey Merilus
Xana Novais
Maja Osojnik
Bärbel Schwarz
Miranda van Kuilenburg
Anna Tierney
Linnéa Tullius
Isabelle Volckaert

Composition & sound design
Maja Osojnik
Stefan Schneider

Nikola Knežević

Renée Copraij
Sara Ostertag

Dramaturgy RT
Sara Abbasi

Real choreography 
Ty Boomershine

Light design
Anne Meeussen
Max Kraußmüller

Video design
Noam Gorbat

Technical direction
Anne Meeussen
Stephan Werner

Stage technician/hoists operator
Dörte Wilfroth

Stage assistance
Camilla Smolders
Nicole Marianna Wytyczak

Music coach
Almut Lustig

Stunt coordination
Stunt - Factory
Leo Plank (Haeger Stunt & Wireworks)

Hurdle training
Valerie Kleiser
Ulrike Kleinschmidt

Taxidermy coach
Lydia Mäder

Wood sports coach
Josef Laier

Outside eye
Fernando Belfiore

Management and Distribution: 
Something Great

Production manager
Ricardo Frayha

Production intern Kassel
Lisa Birkenbach

A commission by Ruhrtriennale (Ruhr - DE).

Produced by Something Great (Berlin - DE), Spirit (Vienna - AT), Ruhrtriennale (Ruhr - DE,  Staatstheater Kassel (Kassel - DE). 

Co-produced by  Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin (Berlin - DE), Tanzquartier Wien (Vienna - AT), DE SINGEL - International Arts Centre (Antwerp - BE), Theater Freiburg (Freiburg- DE) and Julidans (Amsterdam - NL) 

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes) and the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna (Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien)

With the kind support of Rudolf Augstein Stiftung, Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, documenta Halle (Kassel)and  Montévidéo (Marseille).

Thanks to 
Uwe Leifheit, Impulstanz Vienna


There is nudity and sexual acts in the performance. We would also like to point out that stroboscopic effects are used during the show.