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Diana Niepce, Anda Diana (Walk Diana), 2022. . Performance at TBA Teatro Bairro Alto, Lisbon, 2022. Courtesy: the artist. Photo: Alipio Padilha. Video: Eduardo Breda 

Anda, Diana

I want to speak about what we hide. I almost didn't exist for most of my life because of the belief that I had to exist in a body that wasn't mine. I will stop apologizing to the norm policing, which destroys everything that differs from itself. I am not incomplete. I want to stop this violation of my intimacy, and no one will tell me how to be. I stopped searching for my body in the body of another and found myself with the other. In the secret deal that makes my body a storyteller, I found the meaning of its intimate and real state." - Diana Niepce

In 'Anda, Diana' (Translates to “Walk, Diana” or “Stand Up, Diana”), Portuguese choreographer Diana Niepce portrays the reconstruction of herself after a fall, which left her with a spinal cord injury, in an honest dialogue between body and mind, between logic and chaos, until she builds the body that dances.

In 'Anda, Diana', Niepce proposes to question what is considered normal, challenging societal prejudices and ideas regarding the aesthetics of bodies. Despite the presence of disability, the narrative does not position itself as a victim of the system; instead, the body outside the norm is depicted as revolutionary.

'Anda, Diana' also encompasses a publication in which Diana writes about brutal real facts, imbued with the author's unique artistic perspective. She is busy investigating language and hybridism as a political action. In her works, she seeks to reformulate the identity of the performative body by exploring concepts of body mutation, intimacy, and experimentation outside the norm.

In 2022, 'Anda, Diana' received the Best Choreography of the Year Award from the Portuguese Society of Authors. 


Artistic Direction
Diana Niepce

Diana Niepce
Bartosz Ostrowski
Joãozinho da Costa

Dramaturgy Support
Rui Catalão

Lighting Design
Carlos Ramos

Gonçalo Alegria

Costume Design
Silvana Ivaldi

Joa Cirque

Film and Promotional Video Registration Eduardo Breda

Alípio Padilha

As Niepce’s

TBA – Teatro do Bairro Alto

Residency Co-Production
O Espaço do Tempo

Supported by
DGArtes / Ministério da Cultura
Marvila Municipal Library / Lisbon City
Embassy of Poland in Portugal
Adam Mickiewicz Institute

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