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Photos © Kurt Van der Elst


A gleaner walks behind the harvesters and picks up the ears of grain that were left on the field. In the creation of a piece of art, many ideas are left strewn around the studio. In AREN (which also means ‘harvest’ and ‘revenue’), Benjamin Verdonck takes you on a journey to the unproduced or incomplete works in his studio, including the design for a tunnel from the National Bank to the florist’s shop across the street, a box of magic tricks, a collection of unused food vouchers, a new Fabergé egg, and a collection of rat traps that don’t work. A look at installations, a miniature theatre and a cabinet of curiosities.


"More than just a show, AREN is a lecture performance, preceded by a visual part with objets trouvés, Verdonck is an avid collector who recycles objects that have become worthless to others, from a pile of tracing ads about missing cats, to the little notes he and his children write to each other, Verdonck uses them here as readymades and extracts a symphony of the everyday. " - Filip Tielens in De Standaard. 


By and with

Benjamin Verdonck

Toneelhuis (Antwerpen - BE)

Something Great (Berlin - DE) 

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