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Avoiding deLIFEath 

Artist: Ivo Dimchev
Country: Bulgaria
Type:  Performance / Mixed Media
Year of Creation: 2017

Art as a way to avoid life and death? Avoiding deLIFeath is a multimedia show anchored in reality as well as artifice. A “Workaholic-Meditation” as Ivo Dimchev calls to his first durational performance,  in which he invites the  audience to join at any time, while he explores several of his creative activities like writing, painting, playing the piano, or giving a concert. A brilliant artistic journey, true to Dimchev’s motto: “I prefer flying in Hell over crouching in Heaven”. After the first version of the project in 2017 as a six days of performance-exhibition marathon at Kaaitheater’s Performatik Festival (Brussels) and at Mumok as part of the Impulstanz Festival (Vienna), Ivo Dimchev created a new version for theatre stages of this fulminant artistic trip in 2018.

There is a moment when things you love to do become a nightmare. And then there is a moment when this very nightmare might become an opening. Whether a nightmare or a blessing, it doesn’t really matter to me. Because I prefer flying in Hell over crouching in Heaven. I can subvert my work only from the inside. And that is what I mostly expect from myself approaching this long-durational workaholic meditation. - Ivo Dimchev 


Concept and performance 
Ivo Dimchev

Administration & Creative Producer

Management & Touring Producer
Something Great


Photographs: Avoiding deLIFEath © Ivo Dimchev