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Photos: © Cristiano Prim, Marco Flávio

BLINK mini unison intense lamentation

In BLINK mini unison intense lamentation at each blinking movement of the dancers' eyelids, changes occur on stage and various worlds flourish.

After FOLE a solo in which Michelle Moura explored over-breathing and its psychophysical consequences to create an impressively persistent choreography, in BLINK - mini unison intense lamentation the act of blinking (and its interruption) its the composition tool of a dizzying choreography for two dancers and their eyelids.

A dance between the psychic and the physical world, between dreams and reality, between emotions and physicality.


Hans and Gretchen lost in a forest? Manga girls? Angels? Shamans? You do not know what you are seeing in Blink. On the contemporary-fairy tale like soundscape with sounds of rhythmically hitting pebbles and spacious murmuring - Michelle Moura and Clara Saito are moving in a hypnotic rhythm.

Eyes closed, eyes open, eyes turning upward, the body bent a bit forward, arms tentatively upward, hands rising to the heavens pleading. The movements are small and measured, the expression comes mostly from the face. Fear, happiness, surprise, enjoyment, sadness; we see it all.

Movements are made by each of them in their own manner, from time to time there is a mini-unison. They may touch each other briefly, or look at each other, or at the audience. But mostly it seems they are looking inward, or upward. Everything stays slow motion, a fascinating ritual.

After thirty minutes the couple sits on the floor. The light dims, but the music accelerates and the facial movement increases. It is now the mouth that moves: it hums, it sings, their sounds are processed by the computer and returns with an echo and warp. Saito repeats a single, low tone. Moura interferes with strong screeches of a monstrous cat and fragments of text like a croaking pop diva.

Together they build a strong crescendo, and then downward, and then this “generative dance for the retina and the ears”, as choreographer Moura calls it is ended. Unfortunately, regrettably.

They have given us an inspiring and stimulating evening. Nourishment for the mind, eye and ear, candy for the imagination.

Jacqueline Algra IN Het Parool (Amsterdam, 29/05/2015)


Michelle Moura

Clara Saito
Michelle Moura

Clara Saito
Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Alex Casal 

Kaj Duncan David
(originally Rodrigo Lemos) 

Leticia Skrycky
(originally Lucas Amado) 

Lisa Vereertbrugghen 

Elisabete Finger
Jeroen Fabius
Katerina Bakatsaki

Cândida Monte
Wellington Guitti 

Management and Distribution
Something Great (Berlin - DE)

SESC São Paulo (São Paulo - BR),
DasArts (Amsterdam - NL)

Something Great (Berlin - DE) 

La Bamba (Curitiba - BR)