Artist: Sonja Jokiniemi
Country: Finland
Type: Performance / Mixed Media
Year of creation: 2017

Sonja Jokiniemi’s BLAB is a hybrid performance, a blend of painting, sculpture and choreography that seeks to escape the world of categories, heading towards the unknown.

BLAB literally means jabber, foolish or mindless talk. Jokiniemi goes in search of where language fails us and make mankind part of something inhuman. She wants to think outside categories and wend her way towards where the human and the thing become one. On stage, we see three bodies in motion, seeking out one another and their surroundings as complements or as partners in dialogue. In a meticulously clever scenography, bodies remain suspended somewhere in between sculpture, painting and the performing arts.


Concept, choreography and visuals
Sonja Jokiniemi 

Ivo Serra
Mira Kautto
Sara Gurevitsch 

Light design
Heikki Paasonen 

Textiles made in collaboration with 
Janina Silvennoinen 

Creative Producer 
Riikka Thitz 

Co-Production & Touring Producer
Something Great

Zodiak – Center for New Dance
Moving in November 
Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland
Veem House for Performance 

Residency support  
Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland - ITAK 

With the support by
Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Samuel Huberin Taidesäätiö

Photographs : BLAB © Simo Karisalo