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Boom Bodies 

a loud, powerful and life-affirming reaction to the here and now.

In Boom Bodies, Doris Uhlich is interested in global problems of society such as fear and anxiety: emotions which take control of the human body, often inhibiting us and leading to a tendency to withdraw.

With the aid of a specially developed dance technique, dedicated to opening up and exuding energy, she tackles precisely these spaces of fear and enclosed systems. In Boom Bodies the dancers’ bodies act as the epicentre of action and change, as a physical valve, with the aim of understanding the complex present as a moving body.

For this purpose Doris Uhlich creates a high-energy choreography with the pulsating sound of DJ Boris Kopeinig. His techno beats immerse space, putting the eight dancers in a collective frenzy of motion that takes them to their physical limitsIndividually and yet always together, they demand everything of their bodies, as if battling against bodily, social or political boundaries.

Boom Bodies is a project that sets both the stage and the audience swinging, with the choreographer trying to achieve a loud, powerful and life-affirming reaction to the here and now.

“I watch the dancers. There is something I don’t understand. I wonder why the concept of movement involved in eliminating borders thrills me so. The boom energy that gets discharged triggers something existential in me, both when I am watching and when I am dancing it. That’s what I’m trying to pin down.”
Doris Uhlich


Doris Uhlich

Eyal Bromberg
Ewa Dziarnowska
Christina Gazi
Hugo Le Brigand
Andrius Mulokas
Yali Rivlin
Roni Sagi
Anna Virkkunen

Heike Albrecht

Boris Kopeinig

Bruno Pocheron

Katalin Erdödi
Yoshie Maruoka
Christine Standfest

Technical advisor 
Gerald Pappenberger

Theresa Rauter, Christine Sbaschnigg / insert (Theaterverein)  

Tanzquartier Wien

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