Photograph: Inoah © Kerstin Behrend

Bruno Beltrão

Bruno Beltrão (born in 1979 in Niterói) is a Brazilian choreographer who uses urban dance styles in the context of conceptual theatre and has combined various influences, including hip hop, to form abstract choreographic landscapes. In 1996, at the age of 16, he created the Grupo de Rua de Niterói with his friend Rodrigo Bernardi. With Grupo de Rua, Beltrão has toured acclaimed theatres and festivals worldwide since 2002. Beltrão was awarded two times “The Bessies – New York Dance and Performance Awards”, first in 2010 for his piece “H3” and more recently (2020) for one of his latest works “Inoah”. His choreographies move between the extremes: meditation, fury, softness, strength, virtuosity, reflection. If one is expecting just one of these aspects, it may come as a deception.   

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