Photographs: © Jessica Schäfer

Burt Turrido: 
An Opera.

“A man lost and drowning at sea is rescued by a mysterious and beautiful woman, possibly a phantom or a mermaid, who escorts him to an island ruled by a despotic King and Queen. They name their newly discovered castaway Burt Turrido, and make him their slave, and – when he proves too inept at that – their prisoner. But this is an opera, and the drama doesn't stop there – there's yet to come still a cataclysmic storm, an immaculate pregnancy, a murder, a love triangle, a mock execution, a birth, an alien invasion and kidnapping, and we promise you it's not over until someone finally gets impaled on a narwhal tusk.”

Four hours of opera are nothing. But those who know Nature Theater of Oklahoma know that there little in common between the theater they make and the traditional opera theatre genre.  "Burt Turrido: an Opera" is a spectacular, wild-west performance that often skirts the cliché cliff by a hair's breadth. In "Burt Turrido: An Opera", Nature Theater of Oklahoma unabashedly dismantle everything they encounter in the way of the conventional structures and forms of the opera genre, only to reassemble it with great passion, humour and the courage to take risks.


Text & direction
Kelly Copper, Pavol Liska

Gabel Eiben, Anne Gridley, Robert M. Johanson, Bence Mezei, Kadence Neill

Robert M. Johanson

Costume design
Anna Sünkel

Dramaturg Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
Marcus Dross

Dramaturg Schauspiel Frankfurt
Katja Herlemann

Production Manager Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Anne Kleiner

Set Design Assistant & Props
Hanna Marlene Schnell

Set Design Assistant to Luka Curk
Nastja Miheljak

Nature Theater of Oklahoma
Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
Schauspiel Frankfurt

Management and Distribution
Something Great

Arctic Arts Festival
Athens & Epidaurus Festival
Espoo City Theatre
HAU Hebbel Am Ufer
Wiener Festwochen
Zürcher Theater Spektakel
Noorderzon Festival of Performing Arts & Society

Commissioned by
Frankfurter Positionen 2021, an initiative of the BHF-Bank Foundation.

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and by the Adolf und Luisa Haeuser-Stiftung für Kunst und Kulturpflege as part of the project series UNLIMITED II promoting exemplary positions in the contemporary performing arts.