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Drawing © Leonardo Mouramateus

Ça va exploser 

World premiere: 6th June, VISEU (PT) 

Ça va exploser have as a departure point the book "Ma vie va changer" from Patricia Almeida and David-Alexandre Guéniot. In the book David and Patricia place newspaper photographs of the most important political, social, economic and environmental events in the world (collected between 2011 and 2013), side by side with photographs of their family album with images that portrait their everyday life. Using the book as a departure point João and Carolina will reflect on the relationship between performance and photography or, to be more exact, on the photographic act as performative action. They will also explore the thin line separating public crises from personal crises represented in the book. 

By João Fiadeiro and Carolina Campos
Leonardo Mouramateus
Stage Leticia Skrycky
Executive Production RE-AL (Lisbon - PT) 
Distribution Something Great (Berlin -DE)
Co-production Teatro Viriato (Viseu - PT and Teatro do Bairro Alto (Lisboa - PT)
Financial support Fundação GDA (Portugal)
Artistic Residencies Atelier Real (Lisboa - PT) and La Caldera (Barcelona - ES)