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Monday : Watch out for the Right! © José Caldeira

Cláudia Dias

If artists are the conscience of society, the Portuguese choreographer Cláudia Dias is a heartwarming advocate in this regard. As a choreographer, her works have been shown in many countries in  Europe and South America. Since 2015, and until 2022, she is developing “Sete anos, Sete Peças” (Seven Years, Seven Projects), a long-term project consisting in the creation of seven pieces in seven years and that counteracts the idea of an absent or precarious future, painfully laid out year after year. Each piece is the result of a collaboration between Dias and seven handpicked partners.  


Monday : watch out for the Right!
Tuesday: All that is solid melts into air
Wednesday: The time of the cherries

For further information about the artist, please visit the Seven Years, Seven Pieces project website.