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Climatic Dances

Endangered Human Movements Vol. 5

Climatic Dances is the name of Amanda Piña’s fifth volume of the Endangered Human Movements* series, a long-term research  on the current planetary loss of cultural and biological diversity.

The piece is inspired by the work of Mexican anthropologist Alessandro Questa, on two “traditional” dances of the Northern Highlands of Puebla in Mexico performed by indigenous Masewal people,  in a context of climate change and mining exploitation in the region.

The work is an essay on the possibility of thinking the world leaving behind the idea of progress and about how dance as a social movement, can contribute to that process.


Artistic Direction / Choreography
Amanda Piña

Choreography / Transmision
Juan Carlos Palma

Research / Theory
Alessandro Questa, Amanda Piña, Juan Carlos Palma.

Michel Jimenez, Amanda Piña

Amanda Piña, Juan Carlos Palma, Alessandro Questa, students of the 3rd Semester of the BA in folkloric Dance from the National School of Folkloric Dance of Mexico, (ENDF)

Christian Müller

Danza de Tejoneros y de Negritos, colección privada da Alessandro Questa, nadaproductions

Produced by nadaproductions (Vienna- AT) co-produced byMuseo Universitario el Chopo, Mexico Tanzquartier Wien

Funded by Fonca Programa Nacional de Creadores Escénicos, the City of Vienna (Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien), and the BKA (Bundeskanzleramt – Kunst und Kultur).

With the support of the BKA, the National School of Folkloric Dance of Mexico, Museo Universitario del Chopo.