Dance and Resistance

Endangered Human Movements Vol.2

Dance and Resistance is the second volume of Amanda Piña’s long term project “Endangered Human Movement””. It is a performance that draws inspiration on dances that were considered “ritual” by the anthropologists of the last century. The dances re-embodied in Dance and Resistance were banned, persecuted, or even distorted beyond recognition to serve colonisation and Christianization goals and purposes.

The work explores the body’s potential resistance in the neoliberal market economy’s current context and the increased privatisation and depletion of natural resources. The performance happens in a space in constant transformation created through an interlaced video, light and sound collage, forming an intimate performance experience.


Artistic Direction
Amanda Piña

In collaboration with
Daniel Zimmermann

Choreography & Performance
Amanda Piña
Alma Quintana
Yusimi Moya Rodriguez
Linda Samaraweerová

Choreographic Sources
Hanna Berger, Gertrud Bodenwieser, Mapuche Huilliche Mayo, Mixtecs-Mexicans, Navaj Sakkudes, Tabiteuea Islanders-Kiribati Republic, Trobriand Islanders, Tenek & Yaqui

Composition, Live Music & Live Percussion  Shayna Dunkelman & Christian Müller

Victor Durán

Projections & Stage
Daniel Zimmermann

Choreography Assistance
Paula Chavez

Movements Download from Ethnographic Films
Amanda Piña & Lina Maria Venegas

Dramaturgical Adviser
Angela Vadori

Artistic Adviser
Quim Pujol

Francesca Aldegani & Anke Philippe



Tanzquartier Wien 


Something Great

Supported by BKA Kunst und Kultur – Bundeskanzerlamt Österreich
BMfB – Bundesministerium für Bewegungsangelegenheiten
MA7 – Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien

Thanks to 
Andrea Amort, Lutz Baumann, Michael Carter, Don Celestino, María José Cifuentes, Gabrielle Cram, Thomas Fasching, Marta Huepe García, Nicole Heitzinger, Elisabeth Hirner, Ernesto Neto & the Huni Kuin, Angela Vadori, the technical team from deSingel for their kind and generous support & to all our ancestors

Photographs: Dance and Resistance - Endangered Human Movements Vol.2 © nadaproductions, Joeri Thiry / STUK - House for Dance, Image and Sound