© Claudia Borgia, Chiara Bruschini, Patricia Almeida, Humberto Araújo

Domínio Público 

Elisabete Finger (BR)

Maikon K (BR)
Renata Carvalho (BR)
Wagner Schwartz (BR/FR) 

What happens when your life and work are no longer in your hands, when they are violently manipulated by forces bigger than you and you completely lose control of them? When someone else writes your story?

In his performance La Bête, Wagner offers his naked body to be manipulated by the public – responding to the proposal of Lygia Clark’s sculptural work Bichos. In his presentation at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art the performer was touched by a child accompanied by their mother. A video clip of this interaction was manipulated by conservative groups and went viral on social networks, labelling the artist as a “pedophile.” 

Elisabete Finger, choreographer and mother of the child who participated in La Bête, has suffered an avalanche of accusations and threats amidst police inquiries and political interrogations questioning the role of women, mothers, audiences and artists in Brazil today.

In his performance DNA of DAN, Maikon K stands naked and motionless inside a transparent bubble. In his presentation in front of the National Museum of the Republic in Brasília, his encasing was damaged and he was detained by the military police on charges of obscenity.

Renata Carvalho, an actress, had her play – The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven – censored, and was prevented from presenting her transvestite interpretation of Jesus Christ.

In Domínio Público, the four artists reflect on the attacks they have faced. Taking an icon of art history as their departure point, they will consider how a singular work can feature in different narratives throughout the ages, inciting the most diverse reactions, and mirroring the facts and absurdities of society.


Creation, text and performance
Elisabete Finger, Maikon K, Renata Carvalho and Wagner Schwartz 

Artistic collaboration
Ana Teixeira  

Costume design
Karlla Girotto  

Costume assistant
Flávia Lobo  

Felipe Ramirez 

Lights and technical direction
Diego Gonçalves 

Núcleo Corpo Rastreado – Gabi Gonçalves   

International Distribution
Something Great 

Festival  de Teatro de Curitiba ( Curitiba - BR)
Corpo Rastreado ( São Paulo - BR)
Something Great (Berlin - DE)

Casa Líquida, Egrey and Fernanda Yamamoto

Alba Roque and Julia Feldens


Elisabete Finger is a performer and choreographer that lives and works in São Paulo, and that has ongoing collaborations with many different artists worldwide.  Her pieces pursue a logic of sensations and an eroticism of matter: a body-matter that fuses, collides, traverses other matter. They have been presented in different contexts (dance, performance, visual arts) in Brazil and abroad. 

Maikon K is a Brazilian artist based in Curitiba, Brazil. He studied theater and his academic background encompasses several fields of knowledge. The core focus of his work is the body and its capacity to change perceptions, influenced by a shamanic perspective in which the performer unfolds himself into several different realities through specific body techniques, using song, non-verbal sound, dance, visual signs and ritualized activities. 

Renata Carvalho is an a Brazilian actress, transthropologist and transfeminist with over 20 years of career. She is the founder of Monart (Brazilian Movement of Trans artists) with whom she created the “Manifest of Trans Representativity” and "Coletivo T" the first artistic collective in Brazil formed only by trans artists. She is currently touring "Dominio Publico" as well as her latest solo work “Manifesto Transpofágico” (premiered in 2019) and "The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven", a solon work that has been censored in many places in Brazil.

Wagner Schwartz is an awarded  Brazilian choreographer, performer and author, who engaged in various choreographic research and experimentation groups in South America and Europe. He has worked as a performer for the choreographer Rachid Ouramdane, for the theater director Yves-Noël Genod and for the artist Pierre Droulers. He collaborated with the filmmakers Judith Cahen and Masayasu Eguchi. In 2018, his first novel, Never together but at the same time, is published by Editora Nós. He lives and works between São Paulo and Paris.