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© Patricia Almeida

Este corpo que me ocupa

(This body that occupies me)

Performance. 50’ 

If I had to summaries my modus operandi in a single word, that which motivates and defines me as an artist, I would say that I function and work with the “remains”. The “remains” is what is left behind, that which was forgotten (for, there is no perfect crime). The “remains” is what creates “emptiness”. And it is the proof of the absence of presence. Or, more precisely, it is the presence of an absence. It is in the “remains” that we find the evidence that provides the beginning for the impossible task of re-building the world, once and again. I am attracted to this idea of knowing that something was here before me and that what remained, resisted.

The remaining is also what lies between the body and “the presence of the other in the body”, a permanent flight towards things that are not yet, towards things that might be(come). And this is what I am concerned about: how to show what is not there. How to work with such volatile a material as emptiness? How to present the “in-between” of things? And even more difficult, how to perform it?

João Fiadeiro


By and with 
João Fiadeiro and Carolina Campos

In collaboration with 

Paula Caspão 

Concept and texts 
João Fiadeiro 
Paula Caspão 

Dramaturgic and rehearsals assistant 
Carolina Campos 

Executive Production 
RE-AL (Lisbon - PT) 

Something Great (Berlin -DE)