Photographs : Fest © Maximilian Pramatarov


In Fest, Ivo Dimchev examines the conventions of the theatre world. The performance is set in an imaginary festival in a precise location, depending on where it is presented. The main characters are the performer Ivo Dimchev, a programmer, a technician and a critic. What starts off as a realistic piece soon turns into a fantasy about sex and power in the theatre world.

"One day, I just realised how bored I was with the conventionality of my everyday professional communications. So I thought that breaking this convention by creating a fictional story would be an excellent way to go.  Fest tells the story of me going to a festival to present my solo "Som Faves". The performance explores and makes visible the subconscious connections between power and desire in any professional relations. Fest is absolute fiction and is not based on any real personal experience. Let's say it's inspired by some... But mostly it's inspired by my guilty love for Theatre in its more "conventional" setting."  - Ivo Dimchev


Concept, text, direction
Ivo Dimchev

Performed by 
Annina Machaz
Ivo Dimchev
Mirko Feliziani
Nicola Schössler

Light design
Giacomo Gorini

Emilian Gatsov


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