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Photos © Alipio Padilha

From afar it was an island. From close, a stone 

From afair it was an island. From close , a stone completes the phrase that might have been written by Bruno Munari after "From afar it was an island”, a stage work by João Fiadeiro, premiered in May 2018.  The idea of re-visiting a stage work, in an “in situ”, version, is an increasingly recurring practice in João Fiadeiro´s work. To retake and reassemble the same material, but “unplugged”, freeing it form the tyrany of the narrative, which the theatrical apparatus requires, is a  need that became “vital” in Fiadeiro’s relationship with the works he creates.  From up close, a stone is exactly what its title suggests: to allow the spectator/visitor to experience a work from a close and almost inside perspective  - one that was originally designed to be seen from afar and from outside (From afar it was an island).

João Fiadeiro


João Fiadeiro, Leonardo Mouramateus and  Carolina Campos

Performance and co-created by

Adaline Anobile, Carolina Campos, Iván Haidar
Julián Pacomi and Márcia Lança (replacing Nuno Lucas)

Real time sound capture  

João Bento


Leticia Skrycky


João Fiadeiro and team based on the scenic space of From afar it was an island by Nadia Lauro (scenography), Gabriela Forman (costumes) and Bruno Bogarim (props)

Executive Production

Sinara Suzin 

Co-production (De perto, uma pedra)
Temps d’Image/Duplacena (Lisbon - PT)
Atelier REAL (Lisbon - PT)

Alkantara (Lisboa - PT), Festival DDD (Porto - PT), Teatro Viriato (Viseu - PT), Teatro Avenida (Castelo Branco - PT) and Centre National de la Danse (Paris - FR)

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Polo Cultural Gaivotas Boavista