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© Benjamin Verdonck

Gilles learns to read 

A miniature show lasting approximately ten minutes which was originally made as didactic material for a school where Benjamin Verdonck was working.
A small fold-out theatre that fits behind a bicycle. The idea is that you ride around with it and make unannounced stops at obscure establishments. Since the beginning of 2015 Benjamin Verdonck has been weaving a web of projects under the title Even I must understand it . Some of the projects take the form of a show and some the form of a talk, an exhibition or an installation in the public space. One form engenders the next. Gille learns to read is part of that series.

Concept & performance

Benjamin Verdonck

In collaboration with  

Aidan Radier

Toneelhuis (Antwerpen -BE)
KVS (Brussels- BE)

Something Great (Berlin - DE)