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© Nazım Alfatlı 


by Aydin Teker (Istanbul - TK) 

The 2013 Gezi Park protests in Istanbul served as the original inspiration for this creation by the Turkish choreographer Aydin Teker, but she believes the meaning of the piece has evolved far beyond that: “It relates to human conditions. It reaches anybody – any age or any background -because we are human…and these feelings are in us.”

Hallo! is a performance about not hearing and not being heard. It is a performance in two parts.

Aydın Teker has created this performance in the aftermath of “Gezi”* as a political statement reflecting on protests and how they were perceived by various factions. The performance puts the audience in the center along with the performer Gizem Aksu. Hearing, listening yet being helpless and disconnected. Every performance creates a one time, never to be repeated piece changing with the audience. In the second part of the performance where the audience has the chance to voice their feelings and thoughts about the performance people reveal how they relate to the piece and how it relates to their lives.

This performance is a result of a hopeless and helpless time after “Gezi” for Aydın Teker. At a time when she started thinking that “nothing she ever did had a meaning” Ms. Teker realized that people were talking but not really listening. This helpless moment of not being heard moved her to choreograph this performance. One can observe the audience and how the feeling of “not being heard” affects them as the performance progresses. 

Hande Solakoğlu

*Gezi, is the name of a park in Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, which was to be demolished by the government, upon which an unorganized protest wave took over for a period of time starting May 28th 2013.


Concept and choreography
Aydın Teker

Gizem Aksu

Management and Co-Production
Something Great (Berlin - DE) 

Production assistant 
Yelin Bilgin


Aydin Teker is a unique figure in the Turkish contemporary dance scene, a true pioneer, who has worked in Istanbul for over thirty years. After a long career of some decades, Aydin Teker still remains one of the most radical and vanguard creators in Turkey. She graduated from Ankara State Conservatory in 1973 and joined Ankara State Opera and Ballet as a dancer. In 1976, she got a scholarship and first went to London and then to the USA. She received her B.F.A. and M.F.A. from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Her works have been shown in festivals and venues in Europe, South America and Asia.



For further information about the artist and other projects please visit Aydin Teker’s website