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Photos of research residency showing © Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance (ADAM)

Hundreds + Thousands

by Daniel Kok (SG)  & Luke George  (AU) 

Hundred + Thousands is a new collaborative work  by Daniel Kok and Luke George. A performance for one hundred people and one hundred potted plants.

In this new creation Daniel and Luke enlist plants as performative actants: as audience, fellow performers, artistic collaborators and social mediators. They propose a dialogic relationship with plants, working from the basis that plants know. What do plants know? What do plants see in us?

In their first collaborative work Bunny, Daniel Kok and Luke George asked: “What if everyone in the theatre is a bunny?” There, ‘bunny’ refered to the person being tied in rope bondage. Adapting this term into Bunny necessitated an exploration into the relational bonds that performers and au- dience may (or may not) share in the theatrical encounter: power dynamics, negotiations of trust, consent and acquiescence, etc.

With their sophomore project Hundreds + Thousands, Daniel and Luke go further in their research on communality by investigating alternative ways of seeing. Here, seeing is understood as a perceptual act that is more than sight. To see is also to sense with the body. To gaze at something or someone is also to empathise with them. To listen is also to ‘see’ what is not immediately apparent: gaps, the past, the future, the in-between.

How do we displace ourselves to have a glimpse of the other?

In Hundreds + Thousands, Luke and Daniel attempt to reorganise the way we perceive time, bodies and materiality, where what is seen is also felt, where the one seeing is also being seen, where objects can gaze back at the subject, and where identities is rendered fluid.

Hundreds + Thousands is conceived against the backdrop of wider socio-cultural questions. Pertaining queer theory and feminism: How can we see from points of view different to our own, welcome the unfamiliar and what falls outside the circle of normativity?

CREDITS (in development)

Choreography and performance
Daniel Kok
Luke George 

Voice artist & performer
Alice Chang

Sound Artist 
Nigel Brown 

Light Artist & Production Manager 
Matt Adey 

Alison Halit
Something Great  

Supported by 
National Arts Council (Singapore)
Australia Council (Australia) 
Playking Foundation (Australia)