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Photos © Vitor Garcia

I Am (Not) Here

Performance and exhibition 

I Am (Not) Here is a performance and exhibition that adapts I Am Here to a gallery context, a stage work by João Fiadeiro premiered on 2003 at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris,  built around the imagery of Portuguese visual artist Helena Almeida.

I Am (Not) Here premiered on April 26, 2015 at the Colegio das Artes in Coimbra, Portugal, within the framework of the Curatorial Laboratory of the Master’s Degree in Curatorial Studies for an unconventional space, with no definite front, where the viewer moves and relates to the presentation at his / her own pace. your way.

(…) For those who are interested in matters of the creative process, the works of Fiadeiro and Almeida are compulsory passage (…) Portuguese visual arts curator Delfim Sardo wrote. that … both use the body as the only tool we are sure to possess and in both it seems evident the need to construct fictional objects about nature and the process of elaboration of what is presented to us as final work. ” philosopher and performance theorist Boyan Manchev, on the same line as Sardo, wrote that “I am here” was “an excellent example of the rejection of the plasticity of the visible … in search of the irreducible, of what is unsuitable via the spectacular Show.”

I am (not) here” pursues this quest, elevating it to another power where the original dramaturgical concept of “disappearing in the obvious” expands and gains new readings through what it leaves behind. “I am (not) here” continues beyond the presentation that gives it body. Their absence will remain present in the remains, traces and traces that result from performance.


By and with
João Fiadeiro

Set up of space and lights 
Paulo Morais

Real-time photography 
Katia Sá 

Atelier RE.AL 

Something Great 

Technical Residency support
Teatro Viriato

Rui Xavier
Carolina Campos 
Letícia Skrycky