Photographs:  I-Cure © Ivo Dimchev


Artist: Ivo Dimchev
Country: Bulgaria
Type: Performance
Year of creation: 2014

In his solo I-Cure — a reference to Apple devices that help you tune out the rest of the world — Ivo Dimchev wants to solve both physical and psychological problems of the audience. The therapeutic effect depends on the determination of each spectator, and on their print on the I-Cure card.

Making reference to interactive TV shows, with images of palm-tree islands and crackling open fires, Dimchev, dressed in drag, seeks positive energy in music, dance, esotericism, spirituality, massage and sex. His Great Healing is extremely comical until the turning point, the almost unendurable catharsis at the end.

If healing is a choice, than why not to make this choice while being in the theatre?  Why should we waste another hour of trying to be more "cultural", when we can use it for being "healthier"? 

This performance is made to heal not only particular physical or psychological dificulties you have, but also all of them simultaneously. (...) I-cure is not one to one therapy, its designed to cure every audience member at the same time. Your involvement in the process will have a significant impact on the healing, even much bigger then the performance itself.(...)

Don’t waste you time in the theatre, take advantage of it! 

Ivo Dimchev 


Text, Music and Choreography
Ivo Dimchev


Something Great 

Theater Rotterdam