Photographs: I-ON © Nada Zgank


Artist: Ivo Dimchev & Franz West
Country: Bulgaria
Type: Performance
Year of creation: 2011

In I-On Ivo Dimchev works with sculptures by Franz West, an Austrian artist best known for his unconventional objects and sculptures, installations and furniture works which often require an involvement of the audience. His so-called “Adaptives” or “Fitting Pieces” are objects intended not only for contemplation, but also for taking them in hand and using them as prosthetic extensions of the body.

In I-On, Dimchev, explores West’s objects in a very personal confrontation of the artist with contemporary art. In an absurd and intense collage of physical interactions, he playfully confronts his concrete living body with the abstract and stiff materiality of the objects.

“In this performance Ivo Dimchev works with Franz West's "Adaptives" sculptures with humour, but also with an unbelievable intensity, which seemingly brings out his darkest side. - Elisabeth Nehring,  SPIEGEL


Performance by
Ivo Dimchev

In collaboration with
Franz West

Creative Producer

Something Great