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Photos © Patricia Almeida

I Am Here

The idea of inhabiting has always been present in Fiadeiro's work. The idea of occupying a body, emptying and inhabiting it has been at the centre of his creative work in past years. Following this line has taken him to inhabit the imaginary of the great artist Helena Almeida. Her work itself is an impulse that tries to open up a space, (which wants to) escape, from whatever. In "I Am Here", this mediation of the body, which gives false evidence through its presence or representation, is emphasised especially when a second body is summoned: the body of the work of Helena Almeida.

In I Am Here, João Fiadeiro embraces the metaphysics of spatial inscription, breaking apart each instant and taking it to its death.

Gerard Mayen

To inhabit. To enter into a house (or a body, a sound, a thought…), mingling, to dilute myself, to disguise me, as if I had already been there, as if I had never left… it’s a feeling that touches me and moves me as a choreographer. In I AM HERE the house that took me in was Helena Almeida’s imaginary, an artist with whom I share the desire to remain in the frontier of the visible, the tangible and of the possibility.
João Fiadeiro


By and with
João Fiadeiro 

Stage design
Walter Lauterer 

Video and lights
Daniel Demont 

Sound design 
Jean-Michel Olivares
Manuel Coursin 

«Vê-me» (1979) by Helena Almeida 

Stage direction 
João Fiadeiro
Marie Mignot

Executive production 

Something Great (DE) 

Centre National de la Danse (FR)
Centre Georges Pompidou (FR)
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (PT)
Centro Cultural de Belém (PT)

With the support 
CCN Montpellier (FR)
O Espaço do Tempo (PT)
Lusitânia (PT)