Photographs: In-Organic © Cláudia Garcia


Artist: Marcela Levi
Country: Brazil 
Type:  Performance
Year of creation: 2007

A necklace with twenty-five meters of pearls, an embalmed bull’s head with large horns, a dress, hair clips, a bicycle's rear light and a (female) body. A performance that transcend the boundaries between performing and visual arts with an enormous suggestive power, considered as one of the best dance productions in 2007 by the Brazilian newspaper "Jornal do Brazil". In In-organic Levi makes reference to a Brazilian traditional ritual in which men dressed like cowboys lasso the women they fancy : "He likes it, she likes it, and that’s how it is.


Concept, direction and performance  Marcela Levi

Marcela Levi and Ana Carolina Rodrigues 

Dramaturgic collaboration
Flavia Meireles and Lucía Russo

Objects and costumes design
Marcela Levi

Light design
José Geraldo Furtado

Claudia Garcia

Bruno Rezende

Props consultancy
Joelson Gusson

Improvável Produções 

International Distribution 
Something Great 

Funded by
Rumos Itaú Cultural