Photographs: In-Organic by Marcela Levi, 2007. Courtesy of the artist. © Claudia Garcia (1 & 3), Manuel Masson (2)  


Artist: Marcela Levi
Country: Brazil
Genre: Dance/Performance
Duration: 35’
Year of Creation: 2007
Year of Acquisition: 2023

In-organic, a performance considered one of the best dance productions in 2007 by the Brazilian newspaper "Jornal do Brazil", is a work by the Brazilian choreographer Marcela Levi that challenges traditional gender norms and power dynamics through a feminist lens. The performance features a female body adorned with a necklace made of twenty-five meters of pearls, a dress, hair clips, and a bicycle's rear light, as well as an embalmed bull's head with large horns. It references a traditional Brazilian ritual in which men, dressed like cowboys, lasso the women they fancy with the phrase "He likes it, she likes it, and that's how it is."

In “In-organic” Levi not only critiques the patriarchal norms present in Brazilian culture but also highlights the wider issue of gender oppression and the unequal treatment of women globally. The use of the female body and adornments as a form of resistance and commentary on these issues showcases the power and importance of this performance for feminist performing art movements in Latin America. 


Concept, direction and performance
Marcela Levi

Marcela Levi
Ana Carolina Rodrigues 

Dramaturgic collaboration
Flavia Meireles and Lucía Russo

Objects and costumes design
Marcela Levi

Light design
José Geraldo Furtado

Claudia Garcia

Bruno Rezende

Props consultancy
Joelson Gusson

Improvável Produções 

Funded by
Rumos Itaú Cultural  

"In-Organic" is a part of the Something Great Collection and is represented by Something Great.


Marcela Levi is a choreographer and performer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She received her formal education in dance from the esteemed Angel Vianna Dance School.  Her work is characterized by its exploration of ambiguity and displacement. Her projects, including "Imagem," "Massa de Sentidos," "In-organic," and "Em Redor do Buraco Tudo é Beira," have been performed at numerous festivals and art centers across Latin America and Europe.  In 2010, Levi joined forces with Argentinean choreographer Lucía Russo to co-found Improvável Produções.