Photograph: LIVE a concert by Ivo Dimchev ©  Ivo Dimchev


"Since I started writing songs, it has opened me to a completely new audience. I receive letters from parents telling me that they are putting their children to bed with my songs. It just amazes me, because I usually hear the opposite, that they have to protect their children from me" - Ivo Dimchev

For twenty years, Ivo Dimchev, choreographer, performer, visual artist and gay activist, has been among the beasts of experimental and radical performance art. In recent years his love for music has "taken over" his work as a performance artist. To the degree that after his necessarily noticed appearance in the British TV show X Factor in 2018, Dimchev has embarked on a world tour with his live solo concerts. His poignant voice that flows fluidly from the rock star to the prima donna, his songs which are inhabited by an elegant spleen and a unique stage presence are unanimous and even the New York Times said: "Animal one moment, delicate the other, Ivo Dimchev handles shadow and light in his music with verbal and physical dexterity".

LIVE is a compelling musical act with songs taken from his 2018 and 2019 albums  Songs from my shows and Sculptures combined with other songs that he has never shared with an audience. Definitely something great, and not for people with a heart of stone.


Music and text
Ivo Dimchev

Music Production 
Georgy Linev
Sash & Blazh
Ivo Dimchev

Humarts Foundation 

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