Photographs: Living Matters by Eva Meyer-Keller © Ayala Gazit

Living Matters

by Eva Meyer-Keller

Life is. Life ends. Life is living with loose ends. Life is when it falls apart. Life is trying to hold your shit together. Life starts with a separation. Life. Lie. Link. Ink. Add water.

From the perspective of cell biology, every living growth is based on the process of mitosis: In five phases, it choreographs the movements of hundreds of proteins in nuclear and cell division. Even in the laboratory, the smallest deviations lead to the dramatic distinction between regulated renewal and malignant proliferation.

In "Living Matters" organic and inorganic bodies and substances meet and react with each other. After working with models from physics in "Some Significance", Eva Meyer-Keller is now experimenting with molecular biology's apparatus. She contaminates the field's clinical procedures with traces of existential crises. Practices and basic assumptions from the standard repertory of cell research are cultivated in an environment that fluctuates between workshop and garbage dumps, laboratories, and landscapes. The four performers work their way tirelessly through a never-ending chain of acts of sharing and multiplying, arranging and self-arranging. Instead of the order of things, the ordering of things comes to the fore: 'life' as a biological principle that only takes shape due to schematic processes of marking and classifying under the microscope, overlaps with life as a confusing, obscure or even: lived overload. Is there a means of orientation that does not rise above things from the outset? And can stubbornly insisting on "doing things over and over again" ultimately also be a chance to tell 'realities' differently?


Concept & Performance
Eva Meyer-Keller

Co-creation & Performance  
Tamara Saphir
Annegret Schalke
Agata Siniarska

Rico Lee

Dramaturgical collaborator
Constanze Schellow

Research companyon 
Ilya Noé

Sara Wendt

Scientific collaboration
Simone Reber & research team

Annegret Schalke

Technical Director
Björn Stegmann

Emilia Schlosser
Janine Iten

Ann-Christin Görtz
Maxi Lehmann
Kathrin Breustedt

PACT Zollverein
Sophien­sæle Berlin

Something Great

Funded by 

Kunstencentrum BUDA