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Photos: Renato Mangolin, Paula Kossatz


Mordedores is a performance dealing with the topic of violence beyond its immediate connotations of annihilation, death and destruction. In contrast to  social and cultural imaginaries (and policies) that seek to alleviate violence by anaesthetising it, through an emptying of energy ­– also obviously violent – Levi and Russo incorporate in this performance the energy of violence to activate a creative spiral of forces under tension.


Concept and artistic direction
Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo

Performance and co-creation 
Gunnar Borges
Ícaro Gaya
Lucas Fonseca
Lucía Russo
Monique Ottati
Tamires Costa
Thadeu Matos

Collaboration (creation process) 

Ana Maria Krein
Daniel Passi
Gabriela Cordovez
João Victor Cavalcante
Luan Machado
Kandyê Medina
Marilena Alberto
Thiane Nascimento
Tony Hewerton

Dramaturgical collaboration
Laura Erber  

Lights design 
Andrea Capella
Isadora Giuntini 

Sound design
all the team 

Paula Stroher

Improvável Produções 

Something Great

Iberescena / Funarte
Cooperativa Disentida 

Something Great 

Funded by
Rio de Janeiro City Council / SMC 

Artistic residencies
Rio de Janeiro Choreographic Centre
Sítio Canto da Sabia Cultural Space

Supported by
Rio de Janeiro Choreographic Centre,
Centro de Artes da Maré
Lia Rodrigues / Cia de Danças
Casa Funarte Paschoal Carlos Magno
Espaço Cultural Municipal Sérgio Porto
Festival Dois Pontos
Argentinean Consulate in Rio de Janeiro.