The art of midwifery

A lecture by deufert&plischke within the frame of “New School - Pilot Project for the Preservation of Contemporary Dance and the Performing arts” 

1 OCTOBER  2022 - 15:00 CET  

Schloss Mentin (Am Schloss 2)
19376 Ruhner Berge OT Mentin

This event will be held in German after the lecture “Documentary Choreography by Arkadi Zaides 


In their lecture / seminar artist duo deufert&plischke will introduce the Just in time project, The Flying Archive and the platform.

Imagine an archive where you can - at any moment - add your own documents. Collective weaving as artistic and social practice, the integration of participation and community work is essential in the work processes of deufert&plischke. There is also no finishing line, no end-product. The processes continue to evolve with time, the materials develop a life of their own, sometimes they resist to be stored. Welcome to the ANARCHIV.

In the frame of the Just in Time project deufert&plischke have worked with diverse communities in about 20 cities worldwide since 2016. With each community they organized workshops and collected personal letters to dance and drawings of favorite movements from the participants. Additionally they asked local personalities from dance and choreography to write and perform their personal letter to dance. In each city the project ends with a ballroom, where all the favorite movements of a city are put in motion with the help of a local DJ.

Over the years Just in Time has become an ever-growing collection of letters and movements, films from dance personalities, people reading and recording the letters of others. In order to grasp and preserve the complexity of this collection deufert&plischke propose two ways to access it: the flying archive and

The Flying Archive is an installation of flight cases that easily transport and transform into writing desks and shelfs with drawers containing letters to dance and favorite movements from the Just in Time project . Designed in collaboration with Kirsten Rönfeldt, Karen Zimmermann and Hubert Machnik this installation makes all the letters to dance available to read. It is also possible for visitors to interact and to write their own letter to dance if they get inspired by the installation. is a location-independent platform and digital mirror of the Just in Time project. The browser based app invites to read, browse, watch and listen to all the collected materials. But it also offers the possibility to users to interact, write, record and upload.


The work of deufert&plischke goes beyond dance and theatre. It deals with individual participation and social everyday life within the artistic activity and adheres to the radical notion that choreography can build society, not merely illustrate it. Thus, collaboration and participation are central themes in deufert&plischke’s methodology, process and performance: in their multi-faceted work, be it a choreographic concert, lecture, or exhibition, theatre takes place only insofar as it can be knit together by artists and spectators. Their projects invite people of all generations to develop artistic and social situations. The work of deufert&plischke is interdisciplinary and connects people in different parts of the world.

deufert&plischke live and work in Schwelm near Wuppertal (NRW). Their projects have taken place in Berlin, Potsdam, Schwelm, Wuppertal, Essen, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Hanover, Leipzig, Vienna, Bucharest, Prague, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Helsinki, Kuopio, Bergen, Stamsund, Warsaw, Poznan, Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Utrecht, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá, Singapore, among others. 


A project by Something Great supported by  Diehl + Ritter / Tanzpakt Reconnect funded by the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media) within the frame of the program Neustart Kultur.