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We are about to embark on what feels like the most exciting theater season ever ! 

Our artists are in full production mode and In 2019-2020 seven new creations will hit the world: 

HOWL by Sonja Jokieniemi premiering in August 2019 at Kiasma in Helsinki, Finland. 
TANZ by Florentina Holzinger premiering in October 2019 at Tanzquartier in Vienna, Austria. 
AYYUR 3-5 by Radoaun Mrziga also in October 2019 at Dream City in Tunis, Tunisia followed by TAFUKT with premiere at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2020 in Brussels! 
THURSDAY, the fourth piece of Cláudia Dias’s SEVEN YEARS, SEVEN PROJECTS
BLACK LIGHT by Alejandro Ahmed - Cena 11 in May 2020 at Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf 
OVERTONGUE by Michelle Moura with premiere in Almada, Portugal within the frame of the 1st edition of MAPA - Mostra de Artes Performativas de Almada, Portugal. 
NEW CREATION 2020 by Bruno Beltrão / Grupo de Rua with premiere date in September 2020 at the Ruhrtrienalle in 2020.

And last but not the least, Florentina Holzinger will be one of the key artists in the future programs of the Volksbüuhne in Berlin that from 2021-2022 will be under the artistic direction of René Pollesch