© Henrich Brinkmöller-Becker

No President

A Story Ballet of Enlightenment in Two Immoral Acts

Mikey, a failed actor, works for a small but successful security firm. He has one task, and he is convinced of its importance: he has to guard a theatre curtain and, along with that, everything that might be concealed behind it. At first, the job seems to be simple and fulfilling, but soon Mikey and the whole situation spin further and further out of control. No President. A Story Ballet of Enlightment in Two Immoral Acts by the Nature Theater of Oklahoma is a rousing evening of theatre which avails itself of the ballet form – a dance genre which was declared an art form by, of all people, Louis XIV, the Sun King, and is therefore closely connected with belief in power. At the same time, the performance unreservedly borrows from silent film, slapstick and dance, accompanied – true to its style – by the music of the Nutcracker.  No President. A Story Ballet of Enlightment in Two Immoral Acts is an interminable, venomous and simultaneously hilarious farewell to so-called Western values and to a society that shamelessly celebrates its assumed superiority.   


Text, direction & choreography
Kelly Copper, Pavol Liška

Ilan Bachrach
Tale Dolven
Gabel Eiben
Laron Janus
Raymond Liew Jin Pin
Robert M. Johanson
Joana Kern
Hannah Krebs
Marlena Meier
Bence Mezei, Kadence Neill
Gustavo de Oliveira Leite
Anna Schneider
Philip Wiehagen

Florian Malzacher

Ansgar Prüwer

Jenny Theisen

Light Design
Maarten Warmerdam

Luka Curk

Torsten Schwarzbach

Assistance set and costume
Gabi Bartels

Ulrich Blumenbach

Operating surtitles
Jakob Gerber (Panthea)

Production (creation) 
Ruhrtriennale & Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

Production (restaging) 
HAU Hebbel am Ufer 

Something Great 

Funded by the City of Munich Department Arts and Culture.