Photographs :  ÖH © Katri Naukkarinen


In her new group performance ÖH , Finish artist Sonja Jokiniemi creates a multisensorial textile environment using handmade rugs and knotting and sewing techniques to bind together a sensorial logic a choreographic proposition. This long duration haptic performance invites the audience to a non-linear logic of weaving meaning and contact. A catalogue of drawn images creates the work's subconsciousness, where drawings sculpt the performers' embodiment and weave into textile. Here colours narrate and textures dialogue. In ÖH, Jokiniemi searches between human and non-human beings in a space where the naive, intimate, surreal and unknown touch each other, a space for the beauty that stands alone alongside mainstream aesthetics gearing towards a powerful metaphor for resistance and escape from categorization and limiting forms.


Choreography, visuals, concept
Sonja Jokiniemi

Herman Nyby
Leila Kourkia
Marlon Moilanen
Maria Saivosalmi-Katinas
Sonja Jokiniemi 
Tuuli Vahtola

Space and light design
Heikki Paasonen

Sound design
Gil Schneider

Assistant (textiles)
Aino Ojala

Riikka Thitz

Moving in November (Helsinki - FI), Zodiak – Center for New Dance (Helsinki- FI), STUK – A House for Dance, Image and Sound (Leuven- BE) in the framework of the Life Long Burning – Towards a sustainable Eco-System for Contemporary Dance in Europe project (2018–2022) supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Something Great 

BUDA Kunstencentrum 

Supported by
Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, TelepART Mobility Support

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