Photographs: Operville © Ivo Dimchev / Video teaser: Operville, HAU - Hebbel am Ufer, 2015 ©


The power of voice  

Ivo Dimchev had always dreamt of writing an opera for a long time. In Operville, Dimchev dedicated an entire piece to the voice's powerful force, an experimental improvisational opera. This made perfect sense, as his whole oeuvre is infused with his passion for music.

Anyone who has previously seen him on stage will undoubtedly remember his powerful presence as a performer and slender falsetto voice as a singer. In Operville, three singers/performers create a succession of intriguing tableaux vivants. A stream of consciousness by Dimchev simultaneously appears on the rear wall. These texts are surprisingly specific and intimate by comparison to the abstract poses and incomprehensible sung language on stage. This is Ivo Dimchev in action: he harnesses the power of the voice, extreme theatricality and a whole arsenal of temperament, and goes in search of what opera is and can be.


Text, vocal scores and choreography
Ivo Dimchev

By and with
Ivo Dimchev
Nickolay Voynov
Plamena Girginova

Recorded music 
Stephan Hristov
and others

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