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Photo-collage © Michelle Moura 


Overtongue, the new creation by Michelle Moura , is a piece in which Moura continues her research on the development of ways to create psycho-physical changes, exploring dissociations between voice and body, sound and image.

Overtongue takes inspiration from the book “Archaic Revival”, by psychedelic researcher Terence McKenna (1946-2000). The 'Overmind' (as he calls it), is a source of human and non-human collective (un)conscious; a space where all beings' voices are not only heard but make sense.

Inspired by McKenna's visionary approach, Overtongue explores the possibility of an affective language that can be shared and felt by all and everything. By bringing together imagined, real, created and borrowed languages, Michelle Moura will explore in this new creation a space where many beings’ voices are heard and seen together.


Concept and performance
Michelle Moura

Sound, light and video
Kaj Duncan David

Choreographical assistance
Günther Wilhelm

Technical Direction and Lights
Leticia Skrycky

Maikon K

Michelle Moura

Centre National de la Danse (Paris - FR)
Vooruit (Ghent - BE)
Something Great (Berlin - DE)

Management and Distribution
Something Great (Berlin - DE) 

Artistic Residencies
Centre National de la Danse (Paris - FR)
Fabrik Potsdam (Potsdam - BE) 
STUK  (Leuven - BE) 
Vooruit (Ghent - BE)