Photographs: P-Project © Nada Žgank


What do People do for money?

Ivo Dimchev’s P-Project is an escalating interactive performance where actual cash fuels participation of the audience. Based on several P words, such as Piano, Pray, Pussy, Poetry, Poppers, and so on, in P-Project, People from the Public are offered several opportunities to Participate in the Performance, for which they will be Paid quite well. 

Through the direct exchange of tangible money, in P-Project Ivo Dimchev questions the boundaries of art, entertainment and economics, making us reflect on the power dynamics in society as the performance progresses. How far one is willing to go for a good pay? 


Concept and Music
Ivo Dimchev

Performed by
Ivo Dimchev and the audience

Software Development
Matteo Sisti Sette


Les Halles
HAU - Hebbel am Ufer

Promotion & Touring Producer
Something Great

Supported by
Flemish Community in Belgium


“★★★★★ The Physically present cash electrifies the room and makes the experience hot, love, dangerous... Moving through poetry-writing to tap-dancing to kissing, we eventually find ourselves watching two volunteers strip naked and pretend to f*ck for five minutes” - THE STAGE

An intriguing reflection on the relationship between audience and performer, the power of money to encourage uncharacteristic behaviour, the importance of maintaining moral integrity in face of social pressure and the potential of art to enthuse even mundane activity with poetic meaning.” - THE LIST

P-Project was featured by the UK newspaper “The Stage” as one of the best theatre shows presented in the UK in 2018.