We would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has previously been a part of our team for their dedication and hard work in making Something Great happen.
Working with each and every one of them has been a pleasure, and we are proud and grateful for our past cooperation. Namely: 

Magda Zielińska, International Relations (2017-2020)
Laura Cecilia Nicolas
, International Relations (2018) 
Lewon Heublein,  
Assistant to the Founder (2018-2019)
René Dombrowski
, Tour Manager (2018-2020)
Tiphaine Carrère
, International Relations & Tour Manager (2018-2020) 
Ana Veiga Riscado
, Tour Manager (2019-2020) 
Ricardo Frayha
, Production Manager (2021-2022) 
Julia Asperska
, Collection Management (2020-2021)