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Sculptures - a concert with unpretentious choreography

Artist: Ivo Dimchev
Country: Bulgaria
Genre:  Performance / Concert
Year of Creation: 2017

Choreographer, artist, vocalist, songwriter, performer, provocateur... This time Ivo Dimchev offers a completely new format. “Sculptures” is the title of Dimchev’s newest album, and its songs are the backbone of this unique evening, standing on the border between a pop concert and a contemporary dance performance. 


Text and music 
Ivo Dimchev

Music production 
Georgy Linev and Ivo Dimchev

Ivo Dimchev

Performed by 
Ivo Dimchev
Jaskaran Singh Anand
Jordan des Champs
Helena Araujo
Pauline Stöhr

Humarts Foundation (Sofia - BF)

Management and Bookings
Something Great (Berlin - DE)