Photographs: Selfie Concert © Emilia Milewska

Selfie Concert 

Artist: Ivo Dimchev
Country: Bulgaria
Type: Performance / Concert 
Year of Creation: 2019

"Selfie is a choreography, selfie is a sculpture, selfie is a tragedy, selfie is love. Selfie is less about me, it's more about us." – Ivo Dimchev

Selfie Concert is the most recent work of Ivo Dimchev and is part of a series of performances in which Dimchev investigates different ways of interacting with the audience. In P Project (2012), Dimchev paid the audience to perform with him on stage, while in Facebook Theatre (2016) the performance was based on texts written by spectators on real time in social media, which the author considers an endless source of content and interaction.

A Selfie Concert suggests an altering of the relationship between the audience and the performer, a different way of sharing. Selfie simply shows. It does not explain, it is evidence. However, the selfie is also a reason to be together, to be close physically. Selfie is an instrument for making the monotonic dramaturgy of the concert more alive – and for breaking it.


Idea, text and music by
Ivo Dimchev

Performed by
Ivo Dimchev
and the audience



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