Photographs: Selfie Concert © Emilia Milewska

Selfie Concert 

The art of selfies 

In “Selfie Concert” Ivo Dimchev invites you to a unique, intimate concert experience that blurs the lines between artist and audience. In this unconventional setting, Dimchev dispenses with the traditional stage and hierarchy, instead inviting the audience to take selfies with him as he performs. Armed with just a synth and his ethereal voice, Dimchev transforms the act of taking a selfie into a dynamic performance piece, exploring its dual nature as both a recording and a physical act of connection. Come for the beautiful ballads and stay for the selfies, or vice versa, but be prepared for a truly revelatory experience that brings people closer together.

"Selfie is a choreography, Selfie is a sculpture, Selfie is a tragedy, Selfie is love. Selfie is less about me, it's more about us." – Ivo Dimchev.


Idea, text and music by
Ivo Dimchev

Performed by
Ivo Dimchev
and the audience



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