Housed inside a 500m2 renovated former barn building of the Schloss Mentin, our current workspaces are aimed for artistic residencies in the field of dance, theater and performances, as well as workshops and symposia.

Until December 2022, these workspaces are exclusively used by Something Great as a site for the activities of the pilot project New School.  

Studio 1

Studio size: 220 m2
Height: 4-7 meters
Equipment: There is a wooden floor with a black/white dance carpet, an audio system, and movable wall mirrors. Microphones, video projectors, photo/video cameras, and projection screens are available upon request.

Studio 2

Size: 220 m2
Height: 4-7 meters
Equipment: There are seminar tables, various  chairs, a whiteboard, and a projection screen. Video projector, and microphones are available upon request.



During the Winter, we also have access to the Schloss Mentin’s saloons to host small-scale artistic residencies, seminars and workshops. 

Studio 3

Size: 120 m2 (divided into two rooms: a 65 m2 studio and a 55 m2 additional room)
Purpose: Small-scale artistic residencies and/or rehearsals (1-3 people) in the field of dance, theatre and performance
Height: 4 meters
Equipment: Wooden floor with the possibility of installation of a black or white dance carpet, and audio system.

Studio 4

Size: 120 m2 
Purpose: Small-scale discursive events (lectures, meetings, think-tanks, etc) for up to 20-25 people. 
Height: 4 meters
Equipment: Wooden floor, chairs, tables, with the possibility of access to audio and video equipement 


In addition to our current workspaces, other studios will be available at our future main venue.