Photos: © Dries Segers

Song for Gigi

In Song for Gigi (Liedje voor Gigi) we see a house, shadows and doors that open and close again. We listen to a children’s song, accompanied live on stage by two musicians. Benjamin Verdonck is the sceneshifter who sets all the images in motion but only to become lost within them. 
Liedje voor Gigi is a new step in Verdonck's search for a new form of miniature theatre. A work in which he simultaneously manipulates the gaze of the spectator while telling about time passing by, the world around us and what we are capable of doing within it.

The unresolved tension between the charm of the miniature theatre and stories about the slow disaster of growing up in a confusing world makes Song for Gigi deeply moving. Pieter T'Jonck in De Morgen, 22.01.2018

Song for Gigi is a show in which you can lose yourself, surrender yourself for an hour to the gentle nudges of words and images and then tumble like a child in multiple perspectives. And forget about the adult world for a while. Sander Janssens in Het Parool , 25.01.2018


By and with
Benjamin Verdonck

Bram Devens, Tomas De Smet

Sven Roofthooft

Benjamin Verdonck, Lucas Van Haesbroeck

Light Design
Lucas Van Haesbroeck

Filip Eyckmans

Toneelhuis (Antwerpen - BE)

Something Great (Berlin - DE)

With the support
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