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Photograph:  Ivo Dimchev © Dila, 2019

Songs from
my shows 

Artist: Ivo Dimchev
Country: Bulgaria
Type: Concert 
Year of creation: 2016

With his bold and provocative work and striking voice, Ivo Dimchev has conquered international stages in recent years. In addition to being a critically acclaimed performer, Ivo Dimchev is also a great musical talent. In Songs from my Shows, he gives live performances of the original songs he created for his performances over the past years. Separated from their original context, these songs shine brightly when presented as independent, individual opuses.

Animalistic one moment, delicate the next, he meshes darkness and lightness with verbal physical dexterity. - New York Times

His enormous musicality and remarkable vocal gift are part of all of his productions - CounterPulse

(His) beautiful songs sounds like a voice on an old record: poignantly far away - Financial Times


Text and Music by
Ivo Dimchev 

Humarts Foundation

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