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Photos: Apollon © Radovan Dranga /  


(working title), the new creation by Florentina Holzinger takes the ballet Les Sylphides as a starting point, it is an interpretation conducted by professional stunt performers and dancers from Florentina Holzinger´s team.The original, described as the first ballet focused solely on mood and dance - a 'Ballet Blanc' - is short and does not follow any narrative - white-dressed sylphs dancing in the moonlight.Sylphids are mythological spirits associated with the element of air and are an example of the spiritualization of matter. They have a delicate, fine, human-like body and are able to reproduce; unlike humans, however, they are soulless. The sylphids danced on point shoes with earth-light ease. In this new creation, Holzinger will continue her research around the concept of the female body as a machine for special effects, this time to explore ephemeral spheres in the form of a ballet blanc.Holzinger will work together with a team of performers, consisting of a mix of professional stunt women, dancers and a live camerawoman.

Concept and Artistic direction
Florentina Holzinger

Co-produced by 
Tanzquartier Wien (Vienna - AT), Spring Festival (Utrecht - NL), Theatre Rotterdam (Rotterdam - NL), Mousonturm (Frankfurt - GER), Arsenic (Lausanne - CH), Münchner Kammerspiele (Munich - DE), Take Me Somewhere Festival (Glasgow - UK), Beursshouwburg (Brussels, BE) deSingel (Antwerp - BE), Sophiensaele (Berlin - DE)

Something Great (Berlin - DE)  & DANSCO (Amsterdam - NL)

International distribution
Something Great (Berlin - DE)

Financial administration
SMART (Vienna - AT)  

Supported by 
O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo – PT and LUMA (Arles - FR) 

Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, Performing Arts Fund NL