Photos: © Axel Lambrette


„Re-combine my DNA, this body isn't here to stay.“ (Doris Uhlich)

The solo performance “TANK”, by and featuring Austrian choreographer and performer Doris Uhlich, is dedicated to the topic of “body 2.0” and the connected, unasked questions for the social dimensions of self-optimisation. What turns a technologically optimised body into an enjoyable body, a body that is content, even happy? And what motivations lie behind the obsession of physical optimisation through new technologies?

In the tank, the body as subject for experimentation and restructuring becomes visible.

This motif, a well-known trope from science fiction films, reappearing again and again as a scenic arrangement for body modification, from 1950s “Test Tube Girls” comic books and leading to the “Alien: Resurrection” film, stands for the isolation of unknown and dangerous lifeforms.

With Doris Uhlich, winner of multiple awards and among the most sought-after Austrian choreographers, the tank advances to a site of study and of body transformation trials – especially before the backdrop of climate change and growing economical gaps.


Doris Uhlich
, Boris Kopeinig

Doris Uhlich

Collaboration dramaturgy
Adam Czirak, Yoshie Maruoka

Boris Kopeinig

Boris Kopeinig, Doris Uhlich

Proper Space (Angela Ribera, Konstanze Grotkopp, Juliette Collas)

Body objects
Devi Saha

Sergio Pessanha

Technical support
Gerald Pappenberger

Marijeta Karlovic-Graf
Margot Wehinger

International Distribution
Something Great (Berlin - DE)

Thanks to
Karin Harrasser and Marian Kaiser, insert (Theaterverein).

Co-produced by
tanzhaus nrw
Impulstanz Wien
brut Wien
funded by Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien

Premiere: 14/03/2019, tanzhaus nrw in the frame of  Hi, Robot! Festival (Dusseldorf - DE)


TANK is produced for stage but can also be presented at site specific locations such as museums, galleries or as urban interventions like outdoor spaces.