Photographs: The Jaguar and the Snake - Endangered Human Movements Vol. 3 © Marc Domage

The Jaguar
and the Snake 

Endangered Human Movements Vol.3

Amanda Piña's The Jaguar and the Snake is part of the third volume of Endangered Human Movements, a long term project dedicated to dances and cultural practices that have already vanished or are threatened with extinction.

The Jaguar and the Snake is inspired by the manifold beings populating Amerindian cultures' oral and visual traditions. Based on an in-depth iconographic research Amanda Piña, Lina Maria Venegas and Yoan Sorin work on embodying beings where the animal, the human and the vegetal meet fuse and transform.

The performance explores how these concepts are understood in Amerindian terms creating a visionary world between ancestral indigenous knowledge and contemporary performance art.

What are other forms of relationships possible between animals, humans and plants?


Artistic Direction & Choreography
Amanda Piña

Stage/Audio/Visual Director
Daniel Zimmermann

Choreographic Research
Amanda Piña
Linda Samaraweerova

Amanda Piña
Lina Maria Venegas
Yoan Sorin

Yoan Sorín

Christian Müller

Lise Lendais

Light Design
Victor Duran

Choreographic Contribution
Ewa Bankowska
Paula Chaves

Stage Modelling
Ines Kirchengast


Promotion & Touring Producer
Something Great


Production Intern
Sophie Eidenberger

Production Management
Angela Vadori (Smart) 

Funded by City of Vienna (Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien).

Endangered Human Movements Vol. 3 is co-produced by Tanzquartier Wien, EN KNAP Productions, supported by Hellerau – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste and funded by the Austrian Federal Chancellery – Art and Culture.