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Tie Massage &
Show Room 

A workshop and performance
by Daniel Kok (SG) & Luke George (AU)

TIE MASSAGE is a workshop by dance provocateurs Daniel Kok and Luke George in which they extract ideas and exercises they have developed in their collaboration.

For their collaborative studied knot tying techniques from Rope Bondage, climbing and sailing, as well as Macramé. They also undertook basic Thai Massage training in Chiang Mai (Thailand), which they then incorporated with their rope practice. 

By combining bondage with massage, the full range of pressure and release, or control and surrender come into play. The premise is that bondage is a dynamic relational practice that involves a heightened sense of touch and sensitive mutual listening between the giver and the receiver, as they they communicate their consent, trust, empathy and pleasure to each other.

This workshop was first designed for the TBA Festival (Portland) and Tanzquartier (Vienna). It is suitable for anyone with a curiosity in interacting with others. Emphasising the duty of care in this workshop, we cater to different desires and interests, and explore the politics of intimacy that are revealed by the differences between doing and observing, seeing and being seen, leading and being led.


Day 1 (6 to 8 hours)

-Basic Knots (Tying Objects)
-Seeing vs Being Seen, Active vs Passive
-Basic Ties (Tying Body)
-Paired Improvisation
-Group Improvisation 

Day 2 (6 to 8 hours)

-Basic Thai Massage Techniques
-Open Jam