Photographs : WAR (A War Dance) © Krisztina Kerekes 

WAR (A War Dance) 

WAR (A War Dance) draws inspiration from Polynesian dance forms that were reconstructed and developed on Easter Island during the 1980s and 1990s – among others Hoko, a famous war dance of the Rapa Nui. In an environment influenced by tourism, these "traditional" dance forms are identity-forming and survival strategies. With WAR, the division of art into contemporary vs traditional is addressed as a continuation of colonial relationships. Amanda Piña and Daniel Zimmermann use the Rapa Nui repertoire to transfer war motif to a global level. WAR is a danced manifesto about the advancing homogenisation of art and the world that stands for other oppressed, changed and lost perspectives. With a "post-exotic" approach, a connection is made between aggressive expansionist politics and the question of the body's potential resistance.


Artistic Direction
Amanda Piña
Daniel Zimmermann

Daniel Zimmermann

Amanda Piña & Pascual Pakarati

Choreography Assistance
Elisabeth Tambwe
Lina Maria Venegas

Dance & Performance
Alexandra Mabes, Pascual Pakarat, Amanda Piña &  Elisabeth Tambwe

Ivo Gurschler & Amanda Piña

Victor Durán & Stefanie Willhelm

Composition & Sound
Christian Müller

Nicolás Spencer

Anke Philip


Something Great

Thanks to
Andrea Amort
Meinhard Rauchensteiner