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Waldeinsamkeit is a new mobile theatre show by Benjamin Verdonck in collaboration with the light and stage designer Lucas Van Haesbroeck.

From a room to a black hole to an overripe piece of fruit, Verdonck takes the strange leap inside his Wunderkammer, a baroque miniature in pale colours, with hatches that open and close, with light and darkness and lots and lots of cords to pull.

What about the title? Waldeinsamkeit is usually translated as ‘a deep sense of connection that one feels when alone in the woods.’ But it also refers to feeling unsafe inside a dark and unpredictable space.

And just like with a Rothko, I wonder how it’s possible for a dark area to radiate such light. It’s amazing how something small can be so powerful

Wendy Lubberding in Theaterkrant
2nd August 2018


Concept and performance
Benjamin Verdonck
Lucas van Haesbroeck

Toneelhuis (BE)
Theaterfestival Boulevard (NL)

International Distribution 
Something Great (Berlin - DE)