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Photos: © Adaline Ivan

What to do with what remains 

In What to do with what remains (O que fazer daqui para trás) João Fiadeiro explores time-duration, suspension and the time in between. In this piece we see five performers running in and out of the stage. Their absence overcomes their presence. We are left in a constant state of expectation. What has not been told becomes more important than what has been. In the very own way of the Portuguese choreographer Joao Fiadeiro “What to do with what remains” (O que fazer daqui para trás) reminds one of the sense of urgency and acceleration that characterises our time. 


João Fiadeiro

Performers and co-creation 
Adaline Anobile
Carolina Campos
Márcia Lança
Iván Haidar
Daniel Pizamiglio

Assistants director
Carolina Campos
Daniel Pizamiglio 

Colin Legras

Documentary Assistant
Stephan Jürgens

Motor coordination (Béziers)
Carolina De Nadai

RE.AL (Lisbon - PT)

Something Great (Berlin - DE) 

Teatro Municipal Maria Matos (Lisboa - PT)
Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto - PT)

Supported by 
Fundação Gulbenkian (PT)
Fundação GDA (PT)

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (PT) 

Artistic Residencies
Arquipélago/ CAC (Azores - PT) Santarcangelo Festival (IT)
Atelier Real (Lisboa - PT)