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Photos © Ebru Anit Ahunbay


harS is a solo by the Turkish choreographer Aydin Teker worked out for and with the female dancer and former harpist Ayse Orhon. It is an inventive symbiosis between a human body and a harp, in which unexpected relations are relentlessly investigated.

In this piece a harp is used as an extension of the human body. Wherever the manipulations take it, the instrument's functional identity is concealed in favour of a pure and sculptural quality. Put to the test, the dancer (and harpist) Ayşe Orhon displays virtuoso physical force and control to conquer this strange "territory". In a process of continuous transformation, the two entities seek to enter into symbiosis, with their respective characteristics cross-contaminating to create a beautifully haunting hybrid performance.


Direction, Choreography
Aydin Teker

Choreography, Performance
Ayse Orhon

Musical advice
Evrim Demirel

Costume design
Aysegul Alev

Light design
Thomas Walgrave

Light and TD
Jiv M. Wagner

Bimeras | iDans (Istanbul - TK)

Co-produced by
Alkantara (Lisbon - PT)
Bimeras | iDans (Istanbul - TK)
Baltoscandal Festival (Rakvere - EE )
Biennale Bonn (Bonn - DE)
Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels - BE)
Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Rotterdam - NL)
Festival Culturescapes (Basel - CH)
Something Great (Berlin - DE) 

within the frame of NEXT STEP with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

Management and Distribution
Something Great (Berlin - DE)

Thanks to
Umit Tunak
Alper Maral
CATI (Contemporary Dance Artists Association-Istanbul)
Ahmet Inceel
Mehmet Nemutlu
Osman Manav